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'ship parcel'
Fedex affordable rates for international parcels.
We do ship & pack handicrafts items all over the world.
One stop solutions for your shipping needs....
We do serve at your doorstep for your packing & shipping needs.
we do ship sensitive items like blood samples, tissues and other products...
!!!!! We do ship Statues made out of Stone, Wood, Metal and more products with prior approval from Govt. of India!!!!!!!!!!! Call for more details : +91 9176276161 or +91 9840090949
Delivering the documents/parcels in a timely manner to meet the customers expectations.
We assure you for a trouble free and comfortable Service for both International and Domestic shipments.
We had shipped biological samples from Sri Ramachandra University to Japan for research purpose on WHO project through Fedex. Professor Mukhopadhay really appreciated the timely service which we rendered to them.